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GreenField Contractors, Inc.

The answer to your environmental
and construction needs.


Company Overview

GreenField Contractors, Inc. (GCI) is a professional environmental company engaged in remediation of groundwater and soil. Our quality remediation systems are backed by our staff with over 40 years of experience in the field. All personnel are OSHA HAZWOPER trained and certified.

GCI offers a variety of remediation and construction services, including:

• Emergency response.
• Soil vapor extraction, air sparge and airstripper equipment for hydrocarbon removal from water and soil.
• Soil vapor extraction, air sparge and airstripper equipment for chlorinated solvent removal from water and soil.
• Custom equipment trailers in a variety of sizes.
• Operations, maintenance and monitoring of remediation systems including thermal system operators
• Analytical sampling of soil, water, and air.
• Catalytic oxidizers
• Excavation and landfarming of contaminated soils.
• Drum handling, transport and disposal.
• Airstripper maintenance, cleaning and media change-out.
• Concrete sawing, removal, and replacement.
• Electrical work.
• Mechanical work.
• General construction work.
•Trenching work.

Please visit the "GreenField Services" section for more detailed information and photos.

GCI assembles all remediation systems at our facility in Salina, KS. Systems typically are housed in equipment trailers for easy transport. Smaller equipment enclosures are available as well.

GCI installs remote monitoring equipment on our remediation systems that alert us to any conditions that may shut a system down. This allows for quick response time and maximizing run time.

GCI provides thorough reports on the operation and effectiveness of remediation systems. Report schedules can be customized to fit your needs (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

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